Tips that will help your phone battery last


By: Ren Brown

  Many people constantly complain that their battery is messed up, or weak. Well to be honest all battery’s are pretty weak. Battery technology has simply not caught up to the power of smartphones, so battery’s tend to lose power fast. There are tips to slowing down the battery, here are the 3 most important ones.

  This might come to surprise, but the more you charge your battery the less energy it will hold. If a person constantly charges their battery, then their battery will start acting weak, for example if you keep plugging the phone in at 70% the battery will start to act as if the 70% is the original 100%. The less a person charges it, the better. Perhaps wait until the percentage is at 10 or 15, maybe even lower!

Another good tip to always know has to do with the brightness. On many phones you can adjust brightness in settings. You want the phones brightness low to where you can still see whats on your screen. It’s a waste of energy having your brightness on high when you don’t really need it. Some phone have what is called auto-brightness, where the phone automatically changes your brightness, according to what the phone senses.

lastly, it’s always helpful to close some apps. There are some apps that will drain your battery even when your not using them, for example maps is a big one because the phone is always tracking its location. You can stop this from draining your battery by going to settings and turning off location services. Also turn off blue tooth if your not using it. Some other things that would help is to turn off is your wifi and data when your not using it.

These tips will surely help you in everyday needs. Phones are now a world wide product being remodeled and updated as the years pass, including the battery. Engineers are a big part of this change in society. Stick with these tips and your phone battery will be better than ever!