DIY Telescope


By: Khai Nguyen

This is a fairly interesting design that uses circuitry to change how far the scope can see.  and it uses the deconstructed style of a telescope rebuilt with some cheap and household items.

Build your own high range telescope, using Webcam, PVC pipes and a scrap camera lens.

1. Lens (Long focal length)
2. Webcam CCD circuit
3. 50mm camera lens
4. 60/50mm (Diameter) PVC pipe and joints

1. 20/25mm (Diameter) PVC pipe/Joints
2. Nut & bolts
3. Mount

1. At first select a long focal length lens, better to use a compound lens to avoid chromatic aberration. Here I used high range binocular lens, the focal length is 180mm.

2. Next, pick a 50mm SLR camera lens ( I have used 50mm SMC Pentax-A) and remove all the lens elements from it and keep only aperture mechanism, this is used as the aperture to control the light.

3. Fix the selected lens in front of the camera lens hood, this will act as fine-tune focusing (Secondary focusing). And fix about 4 inches length 50mm pipe at rear. (if u have Pentax-A lens, it fits inside 50mm pipe)

4. Take a 50mm pipe joint and scratch its inner surface (to increase its inner diameter, about 2mm) so that 50mm pipe moves freely forward and backward, this is act as primary focusing.

5. Take a 60mm pipe, fix its joint at the rear end and fix the 50mm joint inside at the other end. The length of the 60mm pipe you should keep according to the focal length of the lens that you have selected.

6. Cut a 60mm dia foam sheet ( or similar material) and fix webcam circuit, its CCD sensor should be at the center of the foam sheet. Make the CCD area maximum dark, perpendicularly about a 35mm from CCD make 2-3mm hole, this act as secondary aperture.


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