The U.S. Government: It Doesn’t Seem Many Know How It Works


Source: Steven A. Miller

“The Flag of the United States” by Sam Howzit is licensed under CC BY 2.0

By: Oswaldo Lopez Romero , Journalist

The US Government is organized into three branche, those three branches are the Legislative branch, the Executive branch, and the Judicial branch. The Legislative branch also known as congress is split into two houses. The Senate has a total of a 100 senators. Each senator serves a six year term. Each state has 2 senators. Then there is the House of Representatives, Which has total of 435 Representatives.  Each serves a term of 2 years and depending on the state population they have more representatives. Both of these houses make laws.

The Executive branch consist of the president, the vice president, and their cabinet. The President of the United States acts as the commander in chief which means he controls the army. They are responsible for implementing and enforcing the laws written by Congress. They also appoint heads of the federal agencies including the cabinet. The vice president is there to take over when the president isn’t able to.

The judicial branch is called the court system the court explains the law. The judicial branch decides the constitutionality of the laws.It also revolves other dispute about federal laws. Yet judges depend on our government’s executive branch.Even tho the judicial branch interprets laws it can not enforce them.