Nerf Blasters! Fun and Tricks With Engineering!

Nerf Blaster Hacks

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By: John Stevens, Journalist

Nerf Blasters!  So much fun for everyone of all ages.  Kids love having battles with one another and grown ups often join in on the fun that is hard to resist.

Anyone that is familiar with Nerf Blasters know they often just fire one dart at time, even if it has multiple barrels.  Is it possible to make the blasters that have multiple barrels fire all the darts at one time? The answer is YES!

Each blaster has important components. A plunger, some springs and some valves. The  plunger sucks air and loads the blaster with pressure. When the trigger is pulled, pressurized air sends the dart  into a trajectory, so the higher the pressure the further the dart goes.  Energy stored in the springs give pressurized force and in turn give the dart momentum.

When a dart is loaded, the pressurized air only goes through that particular darts airway and fires out. Then that valve locks the airway directing the air to the next valve.  So if you load the darts only partially in, the compressed air can be shared with all valves which means all darts can be fired at the same time.  As a result the darts do not go as far since the air is being shared between the valves.  But is OK, it does take the fun away.