What Bleaching Does To Your Hair

What does bleach really do to your hair?


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By: Madeline Seminaro, Reporter

Bleach is a wide used chemical to life hair pigments out of the hair root, and follicle. It is used for coloring hair and making har several shades lighter. In this article I will explain some positive outcomes and negative outcomes that might happen when you bleach your hair. Now when you bleach your hair you are damaging the hair no matter what but it is the amount of damage that will either be okay for your hair or will make the hair weak and break off.

CON: One con of bleaching your hair is that because of the process of taking the pigment out of your hair, your hair strands expand and then are in a very fragile state. After you rinse the bleach out of your hair sometimes your hair can feel straw like and hair could fall out while you were brushing it.

PRO: When bleaching your hair becomes the key to winning a board game or being the cool mom, you can never say “oh yea.. I bleached my hair”. You would be so boring and what kind of role model would you be? If bleaching your hair goes really badly, you could just shave your head and say, I bleached my hair AND shaved it. Then you would be super cool and you would win all the boardgames. Plus, you would look super stunning.

So really, the decision is up to you! Whether you want to change up your look or do something different… the decision is yours.

This relates to engineering because you are chemically lifting the melanin out of your hair.

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