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By: Aafreen Ali

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Source- Bored Panda

An Italian startup has created an unfoldable modular living unit called the M.A.Di Home. This product uses an unfolding technique to transform from the flatpack it is packed as into a small but comfortable house. When they cease to be used, the M.A.Di homes can be folded back into flatpack form and stored until needed. M.A.Di can be used to set up temporary “villages” of houses for sporting events, first aid emergency evacuations from danger zones, and for fairs as well. There are five sizes: tiny, young, luxury, cottage, and family. They take a crew of at least three people six hours to assemble. These houses are also environmentally friendly. They come with solar panels so that they can be energetically independent. Also, they use an anchoring system that doesn’t disturb the soil of the surrounding environment, the M.A.Di homes, further providing environmental protection. These homes are the only reusable, recoverable, and removable homes ever and are environmentally friendly. They are currently only sold in Italy, but M.A.Di will soon expand to global markets.

This relates to engineering because it’s the first of its kind in this industry. It also solves the problem of the lack of effective, eco-friendly emergency housing. The engineers that created this had to figure out how they could fold and reassemble the houses without damaging the structure, as well as how to make it fold to such a small flatpack size. They also had to follow the engineering process to solve these problems.

Source- Business Insider, M.A.Di Home

Watch a video at http://www.businessinsider.com/flatpack-homes-put-up-in-6-hours-cost-24600-pounds-madi-2017-11