By: Natalie Morgan

Toasters are small appliances that are designed to toast bread. It turns the bread into toast by exposing it to radiant heat. It was first invented in Scotland in 1893 and developed over the years, with the introduction of an automatic mechanism to stop the toasting and pop the slices up. The inventors name was Alan MacMasters and he called the device the “Eclipse Toaster.” Another toaster was invented in 1909 in the U.S. His name was Frank Shailer and he named it the “D-12” toaster. Shortly after, Westinghouse made his own version in 1914 and Copeman Electric Stove Company added an “automatic bread turner” to it in 1915. Charles Strite invented the modern pop-up toaster that we use today.

Toasting was a very common activity in Roman times — “tostum” is the Latin word for scorching or burning. The British developed a fondness for the Romans’ toast and introduced it in the Americas when they crossed the ocean.

The toaster is one of the most useful household appliances we use today and without it, there might be no toasted bread!

Here is a video explaining what a toaster is:

Here is a video on how to make your very own toaster:

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