The Origins of Noah Neck


By: Isabella Pelini, Reporter

Urban Dictionary defines Noah Neck as followed, “Noah Neck has the thickest neck in world history. He has become many profile pictures on TikTok and is probably insecure about that but we don’t care.” But to understand this completely, we need to start from the beginning. It started with Noah posting videos with his neck in a weird position. The video also features his ab stimulator which you can get a discount link from his TikTok bio. Soon after that video was posted people started editing it and putting his awkward neck face as their profile pictures. The edited him as anything and everything, from e-girls to album covers, we were obsessed. Now you probably think that Noah would have been very hurt from this but, he actually took the joke well and didn’t ruin it by making overpriced merch or overusing it. We stan.