Making a Cool Robot Arm


By: Liam Ryde


Robots, one of the most talked about discussed items of 2017. Today, we have a robot arm, how cool is that? It can move around, pick things up, and the coolest part yet, it’s a robot! Below are the materials to make this robot arm:

  • 1x A set rotational station
  • 1x Bearing
  • Many Screws
  • Many Copper Pillars
  • Many Screw Caps
  • 1x Screwdriver

In 2017, there are many kinds of robots, one of the coolest and simplest to build is the arm robot, that is why it was chosen. This is a great introduction into building robots for the robot enthusiasts. By building a robot arm, you can impress your friends and have some thing to move things for you.

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Robots are cool, especially in this growing technological society, so the ability to build something that one day may be in heavy demand later on.