What Causes Fear?



By: Prix Hixson, Journalist

The trigger for fear could be real or imagined, the threat can be an emotional, physical, and/or a psychological worry. Everyone can and experiences fear, and can actually create or build a fear of anything. Fear grows when you feel a sense of harm again either emotional, physical and/or psychological. Fear is apart of the 7 universal emotions, considered one of the negative ones. Although it may feel like your heart stops when you are scared, fears actually keeps you safe from possible danger. For example, if nobody ever felt scared or feared anything, and you were to walk outside on a busy road, what would stop you from simply walking across the busy road with lots of cars zooming past? Nothing.

All people face fear, but some people may face it more than others, such as people with disorders. Anxiety is one of the most common one, in fact over 18% of the population in America suffers from this disorder. Anxiety or other fear related disorders makes you feel fear a lot more than people who don’t have these disorders. Fear disorders make you feel worried or fearful all the time and you may not even know why.

No matter the type of fear you are facing, the difference between watching a scary movie, or the feeling when your standing on the edge of a tall buildings roof, you can always physically feel it. Fear starts within your brain, then starts to effect your whole body so your ready if your in a dangerous situation. The term “freeze, fright, or flight” comes from how you react in a fearful situation.