Food Engineering

Food engineering is probably something you haven’t heard before. How could food be related to engineering? A concept people in the 20th century need to understand is that nowadays, the food industry isn’t made by humans anymore, it’s made by machines. Food engineers take the concept of engineering and apply it to the process, storage, and distribution of food and other bio-products. Food engineers “are the people responsible for ensuring that store shelves remain stocked with arrays of canned, bagged, and boxed foodstuffs that are nutritious and safe to eat and drink.” Overall, food engineers have a big impact on the food process industry.

Food Engineers Duties Are Included In The Following:

– Designing the processing, handling, and packaging of food which includes of storage, equipment and systems;

–  Scale-up of prototype food processes, machinery, and equipment

– product/process research and development

– regulation and protection of the public health

-Engineering and technical sales


Here Below Is A Closer Look On How Food Engineering Looks Like:

Interesting right? Now you know where what your eating comes from. It’s important to know how the food process works, from nature to the packages in your home.

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