Flying Cars Could Now Be Reality

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By: Conner Elling, Reporter

A couple of weeks ago a Japanese completed a manned test in a “flying car.” The company in charge (Skydrive) is a company dedicated to creating useable flying cars. The company started in 2012 by a bunch of volunteers from an organization called Cartivator. In 2014 they started developing models and prototypes and 6 years later they had their first successful manned test.

Earlier in the year Skydrive received funding from the Development Bank of Japan and from other investors interested in their idea. There are a number of other companies that are doing the same kind of stuff. Such as Boeing, Airbus, Toyota, and Porche. Although analyst Morgan Stanley predicts that flying cars would be normal in 2040 and the global market predicted to be $1.4 trillion – $2.9 trillion. Mr. Fukuzawa ( CEO of Skydrive) plans 2 seat version on the eVOTL ( same model as the one in their successful test) by 2023 for $300,000-$500,000.

Mr. Fukuzawa and his team at Skydrive are paving the way to the future of transportation and soon flying cars won’t be the future it will be the present.


Japanese Flying Car Startup Aces Driver Test, Taking Off With Pilot Inside