Minecraft 1.17: Caves and Cliffs Update


Image Source: Minecraft Logo

Minecraft, a block game played by people across the globe is getting an update. The 1.17 caves and cliffs update. Since quarantine, Minecraft has regained some popularity back after the 1.16 nether update came out. Now, exited as ever, a new update is coming out.

Starting off with the new animal, goats. They’re being placed with the foxes in the taiga biome. They weren’t just added for players to look at, they have there own special mechanics. Goats can jump from certain places to ledges where other animals can’t. If you get too close, they will also ram you and other animals back which could damage or kill you.

Mountains are also getting changed. They will be growing in size and won’t have as many trees up above certain height limits. A new block called “powdered snow” will also be added to the game. Powdered snow looks like regular snow but you can go through it. This effect can make traveling up a mountain difficult or can be used to simply troll other players. The glow squid will also be added to the 1.17 Minecraft update. What it does is still unknown.

The new caves, dripstone caves and lush caves are very unique and different from regular old caves. The dripstone cave is the biggest cave and has stalactites and stalagmites which can fill cauldrons up with water. The lush caves have vines and glow berries creating a natural source of light underground. Azalea trees on the surface indicate that there’s a lush cave underneath them. Lush caves will also be filled with water allowing underground travel by boat available and spore blossoms which give off particle effects being useful in certain builds.

The water in caves will also be infested with axolotl, an endangered species. Axolotl can be picked up in buckets like fish to bring with you to help fight off drowns or guardians in sea temples. Axolotl can also play dead to heal and might heal you too.

In the deep depths lies a dangerous new boss called the warden. It’s an extremely strong boss even feared by people suited in full netherite armor. It’s blind and will go for anything that makes a sound near his lair. Players will be forced to crouch around the lair while still being scared.

One of the last blocks added to Minecraft will be the biggest interest to redstone engineers. Like real life bluetooth, the sculk sensor will react the next sculk sensor without the use of redstone.


Minecraft Caves Update: The Big Changes Coming to the Game with 1.17