Tips On Building Your Own Ebike for Cheap


“Elektrofahrrad Bosch eBike ABS” by verchmarco is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Ebikes. they are the knew thing. From commuting to work, to having a fun & fast way spend you weekends, ebikes sure seem fun. but is it worth spending $1,000+ dollars? Nope. so don’t. (my advice) but there is a lot more to it, and it is possible to build a long-lasting ebike for $650. there are conversion kits for sale for way cheaper, but it may be hard to choose the right one for you. first thing first, there’s power. I think of it in 5 basic categories;

1. 250 Watt 24 Volt kit. this kit is for people who want to get around with a little bit of extra power

2. 500 Watt 24 volt kit. this one is for people who want a decent amount of extra power to help on long rides

3. 750 Watt 36 volt kit. this one is for people who want faster, fun packed experiences on there bike

4. 1000 Watt  48 Volt kit. this kit  has power, and for some people be used as just an electric bike with no pedaling

5. 1500 Watt 48v and above kit. this one is for true thrill seekers, that want tons of extra power

(note, all of these examples are based off an  140 pound person.)

If you are considering buying an ebike kit, the most important part is where you plan on getting it.

I use and would recommend aliexpress, ebay and amazon. aliexpress is a Chinese based company, for people who don’t want to buy in bulk. but aliexpress is suprisingly reliable, because of the payment system. in aliexpress, when you buy something, your money isn’t paid until you message the seller through the site and make sure you have everything. there are also reviews and comments on the products. this site is especially good because mainly when you buy an ebike kit or battery, most of the time all roads lead to china. it is also a ton cheaper. amazon is good because it is very reliable, and lots of communications between buyers and sellers. ebay is a bit less reliably, but still has things like money or product back guaranteed.