Solar-Powered Seawater Converter Built In Kenya


I assume most of the people reading this article are aware of the fact that we will have shortages of freshwater after the year of 2050. Even now, 11% of the world’s population doesn’t have a sustainable supply of freshwater. Adding this to the previously stated fact that we will have shortages of drinkable water after the year of 2050, unless we find a way to create sustainable drinking water, we could encounter the problem of world thirst. However, there appears to be a solution to this dilemma, and its first steps have begun taking place in Kenya.

In the country of Kenya, a non-profit company by the name of GivePower, a subdivision of the Solar City company owned by Tesla, has built a seawater converter powered by the clean energy from the sun that has enough capacity to supply over 25,000 people in the country of Kenya with reliable, clean drinking water. The desalination system, which started operating in the coastal area of Kiunga in July 2018, can create 75,000 liters of drinking water each day. GivePower has developed over 2,100 locations containing these converters, and these converters present us an opportunity; an opportunity to get clean, cheap, and reliable water all over the world.

This relates to engineering due to the processes having to be undergone to produce such an idea like this.


A solar-powered system can turn salt water into fresh ...

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