School Supply Recommendations

What should I buy to be ready for school?

School Supply Recommendations

    Stationery shopping is one of my favorite activities to do before school starts. During the school year pencils, pens, highlighters, and other forms of stationery are essential for a student to perform tasks and get work done. Students face many obstacles when school supply shopping, including buying products that have inflated prices, or they buy low-quality supplies that don’t last very long. 

     In order to help students for the next time they need to buy supplies, I have made a list of products that resolve the aforementioned issues. The materials that I picked are affordable, high quality products that are useful and long-lasting.  I focused on supplies that were under $15 and could be purchased on Amazon.


Supplies: Brand: Where you can find it/Price: Why is it good?
Pens Papermate Inkjoy Gel $9.99 on Amazon 

(6 count)

Smooth writing, and the ink dries fast which allows convenient highlighting. 
Ballpoint Pens Pentel RSVP $12.48 on Amazon

(1 Dozen)

Smooth writing. Ballpoint pens that don’t bleed through, which makes them good on cheap paper. 
Rollerball Pen Pilot Precise V5 $3.17 on Amazon

(2 Pack)

Smooth writing. The petite pen nib allows you to write small.
Mechanical Pencil Papermate Clearpoint $4.47 on Amazon

0.9 mm (2 Pack)

A durable mechanical pencil. Has a twist up eraser.
Pencil Dixon Ticonderoga $4.79 on Amazon 

(30 pack)

The eraser works, the graphite is very smooth, and the wood is high quality, which makes it easy to sharpen.
Highlighter Sharpie Clear View. $12.53 on Amazon

(8 pack)

The tip has a small window in it so you can see the text that you’re highlighting. The ink flow is smooth.
Eraser Pentel Hi Polymer $6.49 on Amazon 

White (6 Pack)

An eraser that actually functions and erases pencil marks. The paper sleeve also helps with grip.
Notebooks: Mead 5 Star $12.29 on Amazon

11×8 ½ inches 

(2 Pack)

Although this is expensive compared to other brands, the resistance to ink bleeding and high-quality, smooth paper make it worthwhile.