How Helicopters Work


By: Natalie Morgan

How Does A Helicopter Work? 

Helicopters work by generating lift-an upward force that overcomes it weight and sweeps it into the air. Planes make this lift by something called airfoils. Airfoils are the shape of wings, blades or sails and have a curved-cross section. Wings create lift because of a relationship called the Bernoulli Principle. The Bernoulli Principle describes how the speed of air and the pressure in the air are related. When the speed goes up, the pressure goes down and the opposite is also true.

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What Are Uses of Helicopters?

Helicopters can be used for various things. They can be used as flying ambulances to carry patients. They can be filled with water to burn out big fires. The military uses helicopters to move troops and bring supplies to ships.


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What Can Helicopters Do That Airplanes Cannot?

Unlike airplanes, helicopters have spinning wings called blades or rotors on top. Helicopters can move straight up or down and in the air without moving. They can also fly backwards and sideways. Also, they can take off without a runaway unlike airplanes.

Overall, helicopters are undeniably neat and unique. They can accomplish many things and are very beneficial and helpful.

Here is a video of aerobatic helicopter tricks: