The Engineering Behind Hitachi Robot

By: Jennifer Castro

What is Hitachi?
How does it work?
Is is relate with engineering?

You might be asking all this question, well I will be answer all this questions.


Engineers built this intelligent robot to  be integrated with existing operational systems to provide business intelligence by processing various kinds of relevant information.With Hitachi’s R&D focusing on the development of automatic control and intelligent processing, our advanced robotics has served as the vehicle bringing these technologies to life.In 2005, Hitachi became one of the first companies to develop a human symbiotic robot. Rolling out improved functions in phases with new elemental technologies, by 2016 Hitachi proudly introduced EMIEW3, a service-assistance robot that can talk and work with people.

What type of engineers made this?

Electrical Engineers made things like this,

as an electrical engineer, you could develop components for some of the most fun things in our lives (mP3 players, digital cameras, or roller coasters), as well as the most essential (medical tests or communications systems). This largest field of engineering encompasses the macro (huge power grids that light up cities, for example), as well as the micro (including a device smaller than a millimeter that tells a car’s airbags when to inflate).As an electrical engineer, you might work on robotics, computer networks, wire-less communications, or medical imaging-areas that are at the very forefront of technological innovation.




Here is a video that shows how Hitachi works.

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