Air Max 97 ‘Reflective Bred’ Photo Source: Nike Promo photo (Source: SHELFLIFE.CO.ZA @shelflifestore)
Air Max 97 ‘Reflective Bred’ Photo Source: Nike Promo photo

Source: SHELFLIFE.CO.ZA @shelflifestore

The Shoe that Stayed on Top of Pop Culture for 20 Years

February 14, 2020

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The Air Max 97 ‘Tatum X’ Photo Source: Nike Promo photo.

The Air Max 97 is a remarkable shoe. It was first released in 1997, a older shoe. It sold for $150 US, or $225 US today. It went big and Nike remade and remodeled the shoe many times. They would use slightly different colors or tweak it a little based on feedback they got. Its got close to dying many times, but because they did it kept getting revived. This is arguably the most popular Nike shoe, which is a big accomplishment considering Nike is the biggest shoe brand ever, with a net worth of over 29 billion!

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