3-D Printing Coral To Help Homeless Fish


As a result of climate change, coral reefs are being destroyed. From water temperatures rising, coral bleaching, and from humans, this is all impacting the animals in the ocean. Fishes are heavily impacted from these issues and they are constantly being left without a home.

To help combat this, researchers from the University of Delaware are trying to prove that 3-D printed objects do not harm the fish or harm the coral reefs. Some discoveries that the researchers made were that the material of the 3-D printed coral reef did not have any impact on the fish, the fish did not care whether or not the coral reef was 3-D printed or not, and it was better if there was a 3-D printed environment than nothing at all.

An image of the 3-D printed coral reef.

This relates to engineering because the team from the University of Delaware had to identify a problem and try to find a solution to it. They also researched a lot to develop their knowledge and also experimented to discover the impacts of 3-D printed coral on the fish. In engineering, you have to identify a problem, research, experiment, and try to create a solution to your problem.


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