AI Shows Impact Of Climate Change In Your Neighborhood


Climate change is a rising problem that will affect everyone across the globe. Not many people know the true impacts of climate change, and some think it’s not even real. One reason why they may not feel the need to be worried by climate change is because it is not directly affecting them. This is the reason why a group of researchers found a way to show people an effect of climate change.

Using AI, a team of Mila researchers created a way to demonstrate what would happen where you live. A platform was created so that you can upload photos of streets to have the visual of flooding in the photo using an AI algorithm. The goal was to show how important climate change is, and for people to change their ways that may fuel climate change. The images only show flooding, but the team is trying to display other climate change related affects like wildfires.

A generative adversarial network was used to train the system that altered the image to display the flooding visual. The generative adversarial network has two algorithms which displays the image and the other tries to detect if it’s real or fake. Images are more real because of this, the algorithm creating the image will try harder to make a realer photo so that the algorithm detecting if it’s real or fake will say it’s real.

The team found a problem and are actively working to assist to solve that problem. This relates to engineering because you have to identify the problem and try to find a solution to that issue. The team also had to work together, which in engineering you need trustworthiness and teamwork skills.

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This video shows the impacts of climate change.