BioBots 3D Printer: Printer That Prints Organs!


Bio-fabrication printers already are a thing, but this printer is different. Regular bio-fabrication printers are huge and expensive but the BioBots 3D printer is small and low-cost.

The BioBots 3D printer uses a special ink that allows the whole process to happen. The ink can be mixed with living cells and organs. The ink includes a photoinitiator compound which is put with the living cells and organs inside a hydraulic pressure machine. The mixture relies on a specific wavelength of blue light, which can cause damage to the cells. As a result, the printer is used to print detailed models of organs for drug-testing.

This relates to engineering because the scientists had to make the printer and make sure that it worked. They also had to research if it was safe for living cells, which it is not.

Find more information here.
Find more information here.