XStat 30: Stop Gunshot Wounds From Bleeding in 15 Seconds


When you get deep wounds on an arm or leg, you can stop the bleeding with a tourniquet. However, if the wound is on your torso or groin, you will bleed out before you can get medical attention. With the XStat 30, you can change that.

The device consists of a syringe with small sponges inside. To use it, you inject the small sponges into the wound to restrain the bleeding. The sponges will absorb all of the blood, since it grows to accommodate the excessive amounts of bleeding. Each sponge can hold up to a pint of blood and each syringe can hold up to 92 sponges.

This product relates to engineering because engineers had to make the sponges that are squeezed into the syringe and had to test it that make sure that it worked.

Find more information from this website.
This video explains information on the XStat 30. *contains images of blood*