Destiny 2 Warlock Subclass Voidwalkers


By: Fabricio Orellana


a Warlocksubclass in Destiny. It focuses on the manipulation and use of Void energy to obliterate enemies. It has been described by Bungie as a “glass cannon,” offering a strong offense but taking away from the defense.


There are 3 types of grenades a vortex grenade that creates a vortex that continually damages enemies inside the sphere, scattered grenade, and an Axion grenade.


Nova Bomb, the Nova Bomb is a ranged attack that allows the players to hurl an explosive ball that disintegrates those in the blast.

How this relates to engineering?

This relates to software engineering because these engineers had to program all the abilities that these classes would have gained, created the appearances that these classes have and how they work in a team mission.