The Biggest 3-D Printed Boat In The World


A 5000 pound boat that is 25 feet wide long was just 3-D printed. This is the largest 3-D printed object in the world. The cost of this boat was about $40,000 and took 72 hours to print it. The material they used was plastic polymer pellets.

The University of Maine’s team used the largest 3-D printer in the world to create this. Their Advanced Structures and Composites Center program broke three Guinness world records. The Guinness records they received were the world’s largest polymer 3-D printer, the largest solid 3-D printed object, and the largest boat created from a 3-D printer.

This relates to engineering because the team behind the 3-D printer and boat had to design and work as a team to create these products. They had to follow a plan and find all the parts to make them. In engineering, you have to work as a team, design, plan, and find parts.’s-largest-3d-printed-boat-14700.html

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Here’s a time-lapse of how the boat was made.