How These Students Were Able to Reinforce Concrete with Recycled Plastic


Source: MIT News

By: David Truong

Students at MIT were able to strengthen concrete with recycled bits of plastic. They blasted pieces of plastic with small doses of gamma radiation and ground them into a fine powder. They then infused it into cement paste, creating concrete that was up to 20 percent stronger and more flexible than normal concrete.

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Source: Inquisitr

This type of concrete is beneficial on many levels. First, this plastic reinforced concrete is much stronger than normal concrete and will make structures much more secure. Second, this concrete is more flexible, so it is more durable and can be molded to fit more designs. Lastly, creating this kind of concrete will decrease the amount of plastic in landfills across the world. A lot of plastic is thrown away every year but reusing the plastic will produce better concrete and reduce the amount of plastic pollution.