Python (Coding)


Coding can accomplish many things for you. You can make a motor turn, you can make a chat bot, you can basically do almost anything with it. Coding is a language: You have to learn the syntax and there are many different languages out there. The one I’m mentioning is called Python.

Python is beginner friendly, popular, and can be used for multiple things. What would take four lines for one language would take one line for Python in some cases. According to, you can use it for “back end (or server-side) web and mobile app development, desktop app and software development, processing big data and performing mathematical computations, and writing system scripts (creating instructions that tell a computer system to “do” something). There are also many careers and jobs that fit into Python. Coding is very useful and Python would be a great place to start.

Here are some links you can use for more info:

This relates to engineering because coding is the basis of many things we use. Combining building and coding can get you a great product. Coding also requires computer skills and you have to use reasoning and logic to make a code that fits your desire. Many different types of engineers also use coding.