By: Ashar Ahmed

Fortnite is the best game in the world right now.With it features of building and customizing your controls on your controller or your keyboard.It has about 250 million player playing their game and their net worth of 30 billion.Fortnite host tournaments and give away tons of money to players who compete and qualify.Last summer the player who won the fornite world cup named Bugha walked out with 3 million dollars to his name and even the players who lost still got at least 50,000 dollar or more I don’t think that fornite is going to die anytime soon. if you are interested in fortnite then download it on ps4,xbox1,pc,nintendo,and mobile.After you do that then watch this video about how to play fortnite.

this relates to engineering beacuse there is so much coding that go into making Fortnite and all the settings that we can change and how many possible ways we can change those setting and they have all that coded.