The History of YouTube


By: Annie Carstater

YouTube is the most popular music streaming site and the most popular video streaming site. But did you ever wonder how YouTube became so popular?

YouTube got its start in 2005 when Chad Hurley registered the logo, domain, and trademark on Valentines Day. In May, the site launched. The first video ever posted to the site was only 19 seconds long, and it was titled “Me at the Zoo.” The video was posted on April 23, 2005. A few months later, YouTube had their first one million hit video. In June of 2006, NBC partnered with YouTube, to help a “traditional company into the digital age.” In October of 2006, Google found out about YouTube, and acquired the company. In May of 2007, the company launched the Partner Program, a program where people got paid for posting viral content. In July of 2007, YouTube partnered with CNN to host the presidential debate. A month later, Google started posting ads on the site. In January of 2010, YouTube started renting movies. Live-streams became available in April of 2011. For the first time ever, people could watch the Olympics on YouTube in 2012. Now we have the current YouTube!

This relates to engineering because someone would have had to engineer and design the site.

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