Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human


By: Gabby Garcia-Castro

Detroit: Become Human is an adventure video game made by Quantic Dream. The game is about three specific androids: Kara who escapes her owner because he was abusive to her and his daughter. She devoted herself to protect the young little girl. Connor is one of the three androids. He works with the police. His job is to hunt down all the androids, because the androids have gone bad. Markus is another character who devotes himself to freeing and helping androids.

Detroit: Become Human is about androids being treated like slaves. The androids are doing everything for the humans and deep inside they don’t like that. The three main characters are a huge part of this. Markus helps free the androids. Kara freed herself, because deep inside she knew she was being treated like a slave. And Connor was trying to capture all the androids. Your choices affect the story.

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