All About the Coral Reef


Coral reefs are made of the skeletons of polyps, which are part of an animal called stony corals. As polyps reproduce, the coral reef continues to grow. Coral reefs are mostly located in shallow water, where sunlight is abundant for photosynthesis. Single-celled animals called zooxanthellae live on coral and help the reef grow and thrive.

Unfortunately, coral reefs are under many threats. Over-fishing throws off the balance of the coral reef, tourism sells corals as souvenirs, and people also harm the reef with diving, fishing, and snorkeling. Things like sewage and oil go into the ocean and cause algae to grow, blocking sunlight. These are just a few examples of the things harming the coral reef. Hopefully, we can save and preserve it.

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This relates to engineering because engineering can be used to solve the problem of coral reefs dying. For example, maybe somehow filtering the dirty water coming into the ocean, or planning on a project which involves teamwork and cooperation to solve the problem.