Electric Skateboard Project Update



By: Yarel Zurita-Peredo

For This Project we:

  • 1. we watched videos on how to build a diy electric longboard.
  • 2. we made a diagram and list of what we needed.
  • 3. we add up price of all parts and order them.

We are making a belt drive electric skateboard which means the wheels are attached to two gears that are attached to motors which make the wheel move. There is also something called a hub drive which means that the motor is directly attached to the wheel and The motor itself could be embedded in the hub of the wheel so that the motor and the wheel spin together.

pro’s for belt drive

  • The gearing provides much better torque, hence faster acceleration
  • Gearing system provides better torque for climbing hills
  • For the most part, better options than direct hubs, but you are still limited to wheels that allow you to mount  the pulley.

con’s for belt drive

  • The attached belt creates a lot of friction and make it difficult to move the board if your battery dies and you have to push with your foot
  • Since the belt and pulleys are usually exposed, likely to accumulate dust and moisture
  • Pulleys, belt, and usually bigger motor adds more weight

pro’s for Hub drive

  • if the battery dies and you have to push with your foot Moves more or less like a regular skateboard
  • Less moving parts and covered within the wheel’s hub
  • Much less susceptible to dust and moisture due to the motor and the moving parts fully enclosed within the hub

con’s for hub drive

  • Heat dissipation is a big design concern and can also impact the safety of the board
  • More studies need to be done as hubs evolve, but it seems that the heat dissipation and the vibrations inside the wheel would shorten both the motor and wheel’s lifespan
  • you have to open up more things if you want to get into the hub