Banpo Bridge

By: Nancy Nguyen

The Banpo Bridge is the longest water bridge in the world, it is located in South Korea.

Here is a video of the Banpo Bridge in action:

The Banpo Bridge is a grinder bridge that spans the Han River connecting Seocho and Yongsan. The coolest part of the Banpo Bridge is that it is lined with pumps that shoot out water they can sync to the beat of music putting on a “Moonlight Rainbow Fountain Show” as seen in the video above. But the moonlight water show is only in action April to October and it has a completely different feel to it during the day and night. this has to do with engineering because someone has to put water pumps containing 200 tons of river water from the Han River and sync it to the beat of music with lights.

Here’s a way to get even more information about the Banpo bridge: