How To Make A Shrine

By: Norma Diaz-Delcid

Step 1: Get The Materials

The first thing that you would need is wood, acrylic paint, measuring tape, white plastic (optional) , led lights (optional) and black permanent marker (optional) and 3 bolt in hinges.

Step 2: Create The Design

The second thing you do is measure the wood for a base, then you would need to make 4 walls and an a frame roof and paint them.

Step 3: Make The Box

The third thing you need to do is build the box in the middle of the base and add the roof.

Con’s: 1. You may kill yourself making this 2. You could hurt yourself really bad. 3. It cost a lot of money.

Pro’s: 1. You can make a shrine with your friends. 2. You can paint it however you like. 3. You can put anything inside it.