Catapult Competition Rules


By: Camilo Orantes

We, the 8th-grade engineering class will be having an ESF lab Member wide catapult competition. We will have a set of three to four catapults launching basketballs. Below you will find the rules set for the design and game specification.

Design Specifications:

  • Must not have any pressurized mechanics.
  • Must fit through Engineering garage door.
  • Width at most *4*
  • Length at most  *6 ft*
  • Must be movable on wheels.
  • No electronic mechanics/parts.
  • All members must be involved
  • All members must be involved

Game Specifications:

  • Each time the object that is launched crosses a white line it will count as 10 points
  • Object must stay within the yellow box on the field to count as a point
  • Must be using the same object during the launch
  • NO CHEATING!!!!!
  • Do not launch at the same time of another group
  • If any shots make it outside the yellow box it will be out-of-bounds(PIE)