All about music!!


Music? What is music? What makes music so interesting for people like you, me, and others in this world? Well, for a fact, we all know that we like it because of the beats, celebrities in music videos, etc, but mostly, people like to hear hip hop, k-pop, Spanish music, Japanese music, EDM music, remix music videos, etc. There may be more music in this world that we might not know of. There are lots of music for people that they might like. For example, my favorite EDM music is Alan Walker- Faded.

My other favorite song is called Darkside from Alan Walker.

He is one of my favorite EDM artist and I like his music

My other favorite EDM artist is marshmallow. One of my favorite songs is called Happier. Wy other favorite of his is called Alone. I think that this is a cool song and it has a lot of beats to it that I like a lot about.

This is marshmallow he is also one of my favorite EDM artiest. I think you guys will like it if you give it a chance in my opinion this is just a review for people who like all types of music. I hope you guys liked the songs like i did.

The reason why this relates to engineering, is because when you are producing music, also when you are filming, you can choose what backgrounds or what serene you are planning on filming with. Also you can make edits how ever you like it to be. But also you can make a video 3D with a lot of graphics and engineering designs with awesome beats that you can create with certain things you can do with.But, sometimes while filming there are also troubles like having a problem with the camera set also with the graphics and designs in engineering a lot of people make mistakes but you can always get and try things again.