Boeing 737 Max 8 Grounding

This is a picture of a Boeing 737 taxiing.

This is a picture of a Boeing 737 taxiing.

In March of 2019, the Boeing 737 Max 8 was grounded by the FAA. This grounding was caused by two crashes involving the Max 8 that occurred only five months apart. The reason the plane crashed has to do with the way the engine on the newly updated plane worked. The engine made the nose point up too high in takeoff so they developed the Maneuvering Control Augmentation System or (MCAS). This system pointed the nose down when it went too high. In Lion Air’s flight 810 the pilots were unaware of how to disable MCAS but on Ethiopian Airlines flight 302, they could disable MCAS but they were going too fast to pitch up. Boeing might have had more time to make the plane better but because of their rival, Airbus, they rushed and had to get their updated plane operational as soon as possible and because of competition, 338 people died

This video explains the grounding and what it means for the whole airline industry in depth:

This relates to engineering because the plane developed a machine to solve a problem but because they rushed it ended up not working but with more time might have worked.

The Boeing 737 taxiing.
The same model of plane that crashed twice.
(Boeing 737)
This video explains the grounding in greater depth.