How the iPhone 11 is Triggering People’s Trypophobia


By: Fabricio Orellana

The iPhone 11 comes in three models: the 11, 11 Pro, and the 11 Pro Max. The difference between these models is that the 11 has two cameras and is the cheapest, the 11 Pro has three cameras is the smallest in size out of the three and is $999 minimum for 64 GB, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max is the largest in size, has 3 cameras and is the most expensive out of the 3 at $1099 for 64 GB.

The newest iPhone with three cameras is causing people on Twitter to have panic attack. According to the WebMD, trypophobia report “the bigger the cluster of holes the more of a physical and emotional reaction the person has.” People on Twitter claim that the triple lens design makes them feel uncomfortable and not want to look or buy the phone.

This is a video by Apple talking about the iPhone 11 and its features.
This video is also by Apple talking about the iPhone 11 Pro its features like what each of the three cameras do and why they are different
This is a Twitter post of how someone is feeling because of the iPhone 11.

This relates to engineers because they are the ones that built all of the the electric systems, they solve problems, and test the equipment.