Project Update: Day 13 #RocketCar


By: Velko Cvetkovic

Today we finally started shaping our new car. The design is similar to our old car, so we knew how to use the tools a bit better now. We started by precisely marking the cuts. This was a big reason why our old car didn’t work the cuts were off-center and crooked in some places. Then we made relief cuts to make the drilling easier and cut our car. After we cut it the edges were rough, some sanding fixed that, and also made our car more aerodynamic. Once we cut out the car our next step was to drill the hole in the back that would hold the rocket engine. We measured the size of the rocket engine to be a 1/2 inch, however, when we used a 1/2 inch drill bit the hole was too small, so we had to use a drill bit that was a little bit bigger and sand it a little bit. Our next step is to drill the holes for the wheels and attach the wheels.