Project Update: Day 8 #RocketCar


photo taken by Doggo117

After cutting out the general shape of the rocket car, we had to drill a hole for the rocket itself. The hole couldn’t be too deep or too shallow, because the rocket needs oxygen but shouldn’t fall out. It also had to fit snugly in the hole, so we measured the rocket and found a drill bit of the closest size (1/2 inch). Once we had measured and marked the car, we drilled the hole using the drill press. A smaller drill bit was necessary to make the initial hole, before another bit made it larger, and finally the 1/2 inch bit was used. When we tried to insert the rocket, we realized that the hole was still a bit too small. We found normal sand paper and rolled it, rubbing it against the sides of the hole. Thus, our hole is now perfectly sized for the rocket.