The New A80: Has A Rotating Camera


Image: Samsung

By: Omer Do Santos

The new A80 has been announced. This innovative phone has a new gimmick that is a rotating camera. With this rotating camera, this will be Samsung’s first notch-less smartphone. Also with this new rotating camera, this will also be Samsung’s “True Infinity” display, since it is notch-less.

First, we can talk about the camera, the biggest news. This camera can obviously rotate, but how? The camera slides up and rotate depend if you are using front face of the phone or back. This phone has three cameras for taking photos. The main camera has a 48 megapixel camera, which is amazing for this phone. Its second camera is a ultra wide 8 megapixel camera which I believe it is used to take selfies like that. The third camera is a ToF (Time-of-flight) sensor.
A link to the article explaining more about the phone and its camera and other information can be found here.

Credit: Samsung’s Website

Now about the display, since the sliding mechanism makes the camera pop up and take pictures, that means the screen has no natch, hole punch camera, or anything to block up the screen. The screen size is 6.7 inches, which is surprisingly big for this phone. And also the phone is the first “True Infinity” display I stated at the first paragraph. The phone is the same as its relatives by having rounded corners instead of pointy ones. Some say that the phone has a great display, but some wouldn’t want the phone because of it’s display. The screen is very innovative and can scare off people who is used to the old Samsung phones. But still, this is a good phone with a 6.7 display which is the “True Infinity” display. More can be learned about the screen and such in here, an official Samsung Website. And you can learn from a reviewer’s perspective here.

Credit: Samsung’s Website

Finally the insides of the phone and other information. This phone would have a 3,700mAh battery that can have fast charging. The phone would have a 8GB RAM which is very good and has a 128GB storage. Which is amazing for storing lots of information. The phone will also have a in-display fingerprint scanner, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S10. The phone will come in three colors, black, gold, and white. The phone will apparently launch at May 29th 2019. You can learn even more information and updates of the phone from the official Samsung site here.

Credit: Samsung Website

This is related to engineering process because the people at Samsung wanted to make a new phone. Obviously one came up with the idea of a rotating camera, so they got to work. They had to design the phone around the rotating camera and where it would go. One major problem would be the placement of the camera. Once they figure that out they build and made a prototype of it, they clearly made revisions like maybe the in-screen fingerprint scanner and such. so then they fixed the problem they had and the phone was released. More can be found about the engineering process can be found here.

A Samsung Ad showing the rotating camera in action.
A video from Mrwhosetheboss showing a hands on review about the Galaxy A80.