Samsung Notebook 9 Pen (2019)


By: Jason Lim


Have you ever wanted a more professional laptop for once? Don’t you want a laptop that can be portable everywhere? This is the new Samsung Notebook 9 Pen which is made this year. It was just released in the beginning of the year which is 2019. This is the laptop that you want, because there are new AKG stereo speakers, it has a S Pen, a USB-C fast charging port, and the updated display. Now, we’re going into the 3 main topics.

AKG Speakers

First of all, the AKG speakers are crispy and bold. According to Samsung’s information about this laptop, it has a 178% max volume and is a stereo speaker. It can act as a cinema speakers that you usually hear at the movie theater. An example can be that you play a movie with the AKG speaker from your laptop. Then, it will deliver you the detailed sounds that are going on the movie. This is the information about the AKG speaker being really detailed which leads to the stylish pen next.

Image result for movie speaker
This is related to the AKG speaker, because it acts like a cinema speaker.

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S Pen

Second, the laptop has a pen that you can draw on your screen and is also used in other stuff too. An example can be that you’re trying to draw a detailed picture. The S Pen has multiple tips that are available when drawing on the screen. Another example can be that the S Pen has a handwriting recognition. This allows the pen to convert notes to text which makes it seamless. Therefore, the S Pen has multi features built into it which leads to our third main topic.

Image result for S Pen
This is an example of how S Pen works

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USB-C Port (Fast Charging)

Third, it has a fast charge battery compatibility. It means that you can save time and continue working on your laptop. For example, let’s say that you have an important email to send, but your laptop shuts down due to the low power. Therefore, with the USB-C charger, you can recharge your laptop quickly and get back to work fast. Another example can be that you don’t have to carry the bulky battery that comes with the laptop. It definitely does create a mess like tangling up the wires. The USB-C can charge laptops by using the portable charger or the wall outlet. The USB-C is mainly about fast charging the laptop which is the 3rd main topic.

Image result for USB-C
This is an example of how the USB-C cable and the port looks like.

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The Display

Last of all, the display was updated with this laptop. It has automatic features such as auto adjusting the brightness to prevent people’s eye strain. For example, the brightness would be normal during the day, but it will be turning dim later in the night. It would be a good protection for your eyes when you’re working on something. The NVIDIA GeForce MX 150 can be good in performance for games photo editing applications. For example, the graphics in the types of games people play would be legitimate. It not only improves graphics, it also gets faster. It’s mostly about the multi purpose of the display about this laptop which is my last topic.

screen technology television tv monitor multimedia personal computer computer monitor lcd computer hardware display device television set led backlit lcd display lcd tv flat panel display
This is related to the display, because it’s dim. However, Samsung’s new laptop adjust display automatically.
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The Counter Argument

There was one of the negative review about this product. That person said that the laptop was damaged upon arrival. First of all, Samsung will always take care of those kind of mess. It’s not Samsung’s fault that the laptop was damaged. It could have been the shipping carrier that might have damaged it. Last, Samsung always double check the item before sending that high quality laptop to customers. Therefore, this person is wrong about blaming Samsung for the damaged item and has failed to replace it by contacting them.

First Conclusion

In conclusion, this item does relate to engineering, because of the following several reasons. It’s done by building parts, putting the parts in, coding, and more. The process for this is done by robots which designs the laptop. After the design is done, then it’s time for testing the laptop like the durability test, keyboard tests, and more. After all that’s done, it’s then in going to be placed in the package which is done by mechanical engineering and then it’s going to be sold to customers.

Second Conclusion

In conclusion for the second time, these are the reasons why people should buy this laptop. It’s because of the bold AKG speakers, the S Pen, and the USB-C charger for your laptop. The speakers can be like the movie theater speakers, the S Pen having multiple features, and the USB-C fast charging the laptop. Would you like to stick with the laptop that you have right now? Do you want a laptop that can create happiness out of you?

Please do consider buying this superior laptop that you will enjoy. To buy it, please click here.