What if Google Stopped Working?


Google has stopped working. What will happen next?

Google Chrome is arguably the best browser around, being used in 63.6% of all internet searches. It also is the provider of Google Drive, which is possibly the largest free online cloud storage in the world, allowing everyone to store information somewhat securely. It obviously quite important to modern society, which raises the question: What if it stopped working?

The use rates of the top five browsers in the world, as of March 2019.

As it is the most used browser in the world and the source of an incredibly popular online cloud storage, the first noticeable effect would be angry chaos. Thousands of complaints would be filed worldwide, demanding to know why their browser isn’t working or why their Google Drive items were lost. Everyone would soon realize that Google had failed, and panic would ensue. People would be trying to recover lost files while Google staff members were scrambling to answer complaints and fix the problems. The press would have a field day, publishing stories about the failing of Google, what officials are saying about it, and criticisms over the running of the browsing service.

Because of the amount of people counting on Drive to safely store their files, in the event that it stopped working, millions of people and organizations would lose a lot of important information.

After the initial reactions, two main outcomes are likely to come out of this event.

The first is Google being able to fix the main problems. Google’s browsing service would go back up, but a lot of time would be spent trying to recover lost Google Drive items (if possible) and responding to criticism and lawsuits over lost items. Google will lose millions of dollars because of people converting to safer services, having to pay court bills, loss of income due to the issues, and employees leaving to find work in a more stable company. Google would likely recuperate, but not after many trials.

The other possibility is more pessimistic; if Google found their systems to be beyond repair. Google would likely collapse, leaving its employees with no income and the owners in a difficult spot. Although they have experience running a successful browser and company, the failing of said browser and company occurred under their management. Stock prices would drop to zero, as opposed to declining only a bit in the other outcome. Lawsuits would be filed over truly lost items, and with bankruptcy being filed for, the company and possibly some members of it will have very poor credit scores.
Eventually, users will move to other browsers, and Google will be all but forgotten.

The expenses of the lawsuits alone could be enough to destabilize Google, if temporarily.

These two options, along with infinite others, would all lead to hardship on the side of Google and its users. A technical failure could lead to the “letting go” of a huge number of employees inside Google due to loss of income. Even other companies could lose income and employees due to issues with Google Drive, terminating files crucial to the company.

This is why maintenance is so important. If Google is properly maintained in the future (as it is now) these events will never happen. Engineers of anything, especially things used by a lot of people, must maintain their creations to avoid complications. Common or simple problems can be taken care of with proper planning. A bigger, more daunting problem may seem unable to be fixed, but with task initiation it can begin to be tackled, and with sustained attention and working memory it can be fixed quickly and easily. And if one gets stuck on a difficult problem, one can use metacognition to look at the problem differently, and find a possible solution hiding in plain sight.

Metacognition is an important tool that, when its individual components are used well, can make anyone a genius.

So, if you are an aspiring engineer or would like to give advice to a struggling one, tout the importance of proper maintenance to avoid problems like these. Also, try to encourage consumers to use the products of several different suppliers, so that if one fails there are other suppliers to fall back on. Make use of the executive functioning skills when tackling problems, and plan ahead to counter problems quickly and efficiently, whether you are a supplier or a consumer.

Stainless Steel Close Wrench on Spanner
Good maintenance is one of the best tools in the toolbox of the successful engineer.
This video shows how Google is important to local businesses. If it were to shut down or stop working, local businesses would take a big hit.
This video by Google shows all the uses for Google Drive. In the event that it stopped working, all the stories, spreadsheets, and other things described in the video could be deleted, invalidating tons of work.

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