Town of Salem – Transporter

Town of Salem - Transporter

By: William Wong

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In the game Town of Salem there is a role named Transporter. The Transporters job is to switch 2 people in their homes at night, the 2 players that are getting transported cant deny the transport and have to switch with the other player. If used right transporter can be a really powerful role in the game.

If by luck you know someone is getting attacked one night you can transport them to someone else and that other player will take the hit instead of the main target, for example, if the mafia attacks player1 then the transporter switches player1 with mafia1 the mafia will attack mafia1 killing their own teammate. This relates with engineering by the code having to switch the 2 players and if anything happens to 1 player the code has to move to the other player that is getting switched by them.