#ScrewPropulsion, Day 6. One Screw Wheel Finished.


By: Fabricio Antezana Montano

We were able to finish one of our screw wheels for our vehicle. In order to create the structure, we had to have a model, and a helpful STL file at the bottom of the instructables (https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-a-Screw-Propelled-Vehicles/) provided a 3D blueprint. Then, we configured the model to the Ultimaker 3, a 3D printer. Finally, we split the model and moved it onto a hard drive, which was plugged in to the printer. After several technical difficulties, the print started. It was finished after 2 days. In short, we were able to find a 3D model of our wheel online, convert it to proper format, and use an ultimaker to make the part physical.