Splatoon Splattershots


By: Michael Le

There are 5 types of splattershots. All splattershots are used to get a big area of turf in a fast pace. The first splattershot you get is the Splattershot jr. the Splattershot Jr. is a good weapon for starters because it is a starter. its sub is its splat bomb, and its special is the Bubbler. The bubbler is a shield that blocks all damage for a set amount of time. and the Splat bomb is a bomb that when it blows, it inks a area. it can splat a enemy if they are near it.

Splattershot Jr.

Next is a Variation of the Splattershot Jr. and its called the Custom Splattershot Jr. This is just like the Splattershot Jr. but its sub and special are different. Its sub is the Disruptor. The Disruptor is unique because when it hits an enemy, There walk speed, swim speed, and ink recovery are slowed by a lot. Its good for screwing them over and getting easy kills. Its Special is Echolocator. The Echolocator is a Special that reveals all real time enemy squid positions. Very handy.

The custom Splattershot Jr.

Next is the Splattershot. This is a Level 2 splattershot that is like the splattershot but is a all around balanced weapon. Pretty good for starters who need a better weapon. Its sub is the Burst bomb. The burst bomb, as it names says, bursts on contact to a surface or enemy. Its not good but once you get to a slosher, you can do burst canceling. It may sound like a smash bros move but its actually, throwing a burst bomb, and Shooting immediately. its a very effective strategy because with a slosher, you can immediately splat them. Its Special is Bomb rush. You can effectively throw out 11 burst bombs if you spam. but be careful if you spam since it may wear out and you may use all of your ink. Its good for taking a big area but other then that, not a good offensive special.


Next is a variation of the Splattershot. This splattershot is made by Tentatek, meaning its called a Tentatek splattershot. Its balanced just like the Normal one but what makes it unique is its sub and specials. Its sub is the Suction bomb. Its A bomb that sticks to a surface, it has a big ink range as it can immediately splat someone if its near them. Its special is the Inkzooka. its a “rocket launcher” that shoots out a spiral of ink, just like the Rainmaker, but its thinner. Very effective on splating Inklings at a distance.

The Splattershot with the Tentatek insignia

Next is the Splattershot pro. This splattershot is the best one out of all of them. its very long range, Good damage, and a sort of lacking rate of fire. but it makes up for it because it out ranges most splattershots. Its sub is the Splat bomb and its Special is the The inkstrike. The inkstrike is a missile of ink that can be shot at a specific area. It can be used in a passive and aggressive way. It can cover significant area and it can also splat inklings in they are remotely near it. it can change the game around if you cover a big area that will win you the game. You must be Level 10 to buy this however.

The Splattershot Pro.

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