The History of the Power Strip


By: Kai Hartmann

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The power strip has been around for a long time. It can cost anywhere from 2 to 25 dollars. These things are made for a low cost and expand the amount of outlets in a room to help users gain power. The newest strips on the market are protecting against power surges. Power surges happen when the quality of the power suddenly goes up and can kill your devices. Power surges are rare, but they are not all to uncommon. Using a power strip can help protect against surges.

Power strips have been around for about 90 years. In 1929 the first example of the idea of a power strip was created. The 90 year old invention was called the Table Tap. Power strips are used in most homes and in almost every major building as extension cords. They are also used to plug in more than one device at the same time to maximize the original outlet.

This relates to engineering because the power strip has been made and perfected over the last century. 

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