Splatoon Hero mode Enemies.

Splatoon Hero mode Enemies.

By: Michael Le

(Do note that i’m going off of a fandom page and some pages don’t exist so I wont include those.)

The first enemy is a standerd soldier. The Octotrooper, another variant is the Octoshielder but bot hare simple. Throw a bomb and shoot. But in a cluster, throw a bomb. Simple.

The Standard Octotrooper.

Next is the Octosnipers. Think of a sniper, and make it tall as hell. Yeah, that’s them. Not as annoying to take care of. But they will one shot KO you if you have no armor.

An Octosniper

Next are the Octoballs… they just roll around, creating a trail of there own ink. There only weakness is going into your ink. they move slower in there and you can splat them. Very annoying in groups and in thin areas, but if u shoot them, they get knocked back, so you can knock them off edges.

A stationary Octoball.

Next is the Octocopter… think of the standerd octosoldier, but make it smaller and give it a hat with a roter. yeah… this enemy isn’t that annoying but if it flies… IT MUST DIE!

An Octocopter

Next is a Octobomber. Take the Octocopter, make it thicc, and make it so it throws splat bombs. That’s an Octobomber. WAY harder to take down and can 1 shot KO you if the bomb is next to you.

Next is the Octostamps… Take the boss, Octostomp, and make it smaller, with its back a small tentacle. That’s it, when it stamps down, it makes small square splat of ink.

Normal Octostamp.

Next is the OctoStriker… Take the Octobomber, make it even more thicc, and have it have unlimited inkstrikes… yeah annoying. If you get caught in the middle of the inkstrike, you die instantly unless you have armor or Bubbler.

An Octostriker in its own ink.

last are the Octolings. Take an inkling, and make it an octopus… that’s it. They are formidable as they can throw bombs at you while shooting. they are also split into 2 ranks. A regular Octoling, and an elite, the elite have some kelp in their hair as they are even more hard to take down.

A Octoling (not an elite)