Splatoon Game Modes.


By: Michael Le

Splatoon is a diverse game with plenty of swea- i mean… a friendly community that definitely WON’T flame you for being bad at the game. Many Blasters/weapons to use, many maps to play on, many clothes to wear, and many abilities to get. But we are gonna talk about Ranked. Ranked is the battle to increase rank. Once you reach Level 10, you get a rank.. its C-. Ranking up is C , C+, B-, B, B+, A-, A, A+, X. X is the highest rank that puts you against a bunch of pros… or hackers. who knows. But we are talking abbot game modes here.

First is Turf War. Its usually in Regular battles but once its in rank. You best believe everyone is gonna use a roller. In Turf war its a simple concept, get the most inked turf to win. Except that you can lose turn by them inking yours. That’s where splating opponents can really help. If a opponent is splatted, The teams color bursts out inking their own turf. Making it a simple process. The match lasts 3 minutes.

Ink brush vs .52 gal. who will win?

Next is Splat zones. Think of it as control points but you have to ink the zone to take control. Some maps have 2 and others have only 1 big Zone. Using a roller or automatic weapon will be most effective at taking back or taking control the control. Very hectic.

See the Red dotted lines? That’s where the zone is.

Next is Tower control. Tower control is basically you and some teammates on a tower to go to the enemies point. Once there, its game over. With limited space, and many ambushes. You best believe you wont make it in 1 run.

2 teams, 1 tower, who will win?

Next is Rainmaker. Rainmaker is a … gold fish weapon thing that shoots out tornado of ink, size of it depends on how long you charge it. If its max charge, its big, spamming it, smaller. But to win you must get to the other opponents tower, and smack it down on it to win. we warned that if you have it, you cant use your weapon, sub weapons, or special ability.

Rainmaker charged up.

Splatoon is a colorful game that requires code to work. It has plenty of issues but are still pretty good.