League of Legends: Pantheon


By: Andrew (Jungtaek) Hong

League of Legends has many different characters to choose from, including Pantheon. Pantheon is infamous for being quite similar to Teemo in laning phase. He has no skill shots, and can just spam his Spear Shot to poke and win trades. However, unlike Teemo, Pantheon has a passive which lets him block any basic attack or tower shot based on how many abilities he’s used. This means Pantheon can tower dive and almost always survive unless he jumps onto someone with heavy crowd control. Luckily, he drops off late game and is mainly a mid game champ, but Pantheon is a cancer of top lane.

This relates to programming because many engineers had to program the character to even function, and other people had to properly design Pantheon as to fit into this game without completely breaking the balance of other characters.